The foolish lady game is free and is subject to the terms and conditions of Creative Commons.

You can download it from here for Windows, Mac OS X, and multiplatform.
Descarga para Windows  
Descargar versión Java (.jar) multiplataforma

As a BETA, it is also available for Android:

This is a test version. If you find any problem, please let us know at: damaboba ARR

Two more things before playing:
- First time you launch the game, it will make you some questions about you and your expecations on the game. This questions are completely optional, so you do not have to answer them to play. Nevertheless, we would appreciate if you could answer them, without data, this experiment would not make any sense.

Also, all your activity during the game will be collected and anonimously sent to our servers to analyse to improve the game. This information is only about your gaming experience. 
However, if you do not want to send us any info, you could disable this feature in the starting form.

¡Thanks to contribute with science!