The experiment

8 schools, 757 students

The foolish lady videogame was deployed in eight schools in Madrid.

The experiment deployed in schools: 
We splited up the class by two. Half of the class played the foolish lady videogame, and half attended to a lecture about the foolish lady theater play. We had two different lectures, one given by the students usual teacher, and the other by a proffesional actor who played in the original theater play.
Students filled some forms to assess their initial motivation towards theater, and when the experience ended they filled again a similar form. With this, we aimed to mesure the effect of each educational approach on their motivation towards theater.

During the experiment, we collected a big amount of data. We hope that these data will help us to better understand the effect of the game, both in students' motivation and in their knowledge improvement. Once we have the results, we will publish them in this site.
At this moment, as a "collateral" effect, students from Colegio Estudio , one of the first enrolled in the experience, played "The foolish lady" in July 2013.